Judy - Vocals / Percussion

Judy is the powerhouse voice fronting the band and improving our looks.

Tim - Guitar / Vocals

Tim plays PRS guitars, Marshall amps, and more pedals than you can shake a stick at. He sings pretty good too.

John - Guitar / Vocals

John plays PRS guitars, East Amplification amps, and various guitar pedals.

Henry - Keyboards / Vocals

Henry brings with him a mastery of the keyboards as well as a distinct style of lead vocals. Working from “The Cockpit,” comprising of a rack of four keyboards, Henry supplies a myriad of instrument “voicings” including everything from Grand Piano, Electric Piano, Brass/Horns, Strings, and Synth, to the legendary Hammond B-3 Organ….and everything in between! A successful trial attorney by day, Henry has been a part of the musical landscape for the last three decades playing all styles of music with numerous Classic Rock and Dance bands.

Wyatt - Bass

Wyatt comes to us as a music major at Towson University and a guitar teacher. When not rehearsing or performing in his jazz band he lends us his talents and we are better for it.

Gordy - Drums / Vocals

Gordy plays on Gretsch drums and Zildjian cymbals.